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Category: Seguranca

Reprodução: The Extinction of Hackers

Faz muito tempo que havia lido.  Vale a pena reprodução.

   The Extinction of Hackers



   The Hacker community looks at the end of their era. The reason is not
   the always-propagated 1985 type of government, which we surely see in
   many places being perfected. Neither is it the big evil corporations
   hunting down and suing all the hackers, preventing freedom of speech
   and teaming up with the evil governments. The reason is something so
   simple that most of the people in the community would never notice it:
   there is no young blood to speak of. The entire community ages linear
   with the people who developed it to what it is now. At the same time,
   the technology and the respective hacker techniques get more
   complicated, complex and demanding, so that there is almost no chance
   any more to grow apprentice hackers.
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Malware Feedback

This is are the feedback regarding the Malware I found last week. Reports from Kaspersky, Microsoft and VirusTotal. I do not receive any money from…

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Simple malware analysis

Sorry, I do not have Java Disassembler on that time, but you can guess what it is doing  

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