Fast-Flux domain: a very clear example

This is a very clear example of what is Fast-Flux Domains. at ANSWER SECTION 1)  low TTL value (10 seconds) 2) different networks /16 3) different ASN for every IP address 4) CNAME for several IP address dig ; <<>> DiG 9.9.5-9+deb8u7-Debian <<>> … ;; ANSWER SECTION: 600    IN    CNAME   […]

Reprodução: The Extinction of Hackers

Faz muito tempo que havia lido.  Vale a pena reprodução. The Extinction of Hackers by Abstract The Hacker community looks at the end of their era. The reason is not the always-propagated 1985 type of government, which we surely see in many places being perfected. Neither is it the big evil corporations hunting down […]

Yeah baby, yeah

Finally, After so many months deciding which webhosting I would host my new domain, I decide to use LunarPages. The price is quite good and their helpdesk system is ok. The only problem is when helpdesk guys use those default question/response e-mail. You ask something obvious (at least for me ;p ) and they give […]