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I have been working with DNS reputation for a while, and sometimes I need to confirm my questions/doubts/issues using third party applications including Project Honey Pot, Team-Cymru, and OpenBL project.

Project Honey Pot  has been a great source of information for many researchers, and it was time to contribute with a simple Perl extension to send and receive DNS requests against the Http:BL API Specification.

Net::DNS::Reputation::HoneyProjectt only needs three arguments: IP address, Key API, and which Type of answer wanted. To use this module, you need to install Net::DNS::Simple [documentation].

Here is a code showing how to use this module.

use Net::DNS::Reputation::HoneyProject;
use strict;
use warnings;
my $res = Net::DNS::Reputation::HoneyProject->new({
        ipaddr => ip.address,
        key => 'Key',
        method => 'long', 
my $response = $res->get_response();
print $response, "\n" if ($response ne "");

There are three types of method: fast, short, and long.

Method fast returns 1 if the IP address if found at Project Honey Pot; short provides the IP address category, such as, and long returns a full description of reasons for that IP to be listed. In case the IP is not found, it returns a empty string.

Long output:    1    high    Suspicious/Harvester/Comment Spammer

The IP format is a.b.c.d ( or reversed one (

Tested on Debian Jessie, Debian GNU/kFreeBSD and FreeBSD 10.

Ps: By the time I was making tests using Net::DNS::Reputation::HoneyProject against the API, it seems that my University IP got blocked! Sorry guys, it was only 100 IP addresses.

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